Integrated Digital Solutions - Reinventing End-to-End Digital Video TechnologyTM

Video is no longer enjoyed on just your TV. Video is now a web experience, a mobile experience, an IPTV, Cable and Satellite experience. Video is how we relate to the world and can be found everywhere.

Integrated Digital Solutions creates technologies that provide a consistent user experience on TV, Tablets, Broadband, Smartphones and IPTV, while providing the highest-quality broadband video world-wide.
  • Hardware
    Development and integration of hardware solutions to deliver Movies, Live TV, Catch-Up TV and Social Media to any screen at any time.

  • Software
    Development of client software for TV Set Top Boxes, Smart TVs, Tablets, Mobile Phones, PCs and MACs - using the latest Cloud-Based Streaming Technology.

Integrated Digital Solutions
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Integrated Digital Solutions can help you set up and design a common, simple, user experience for each platform - without having the user re-learn how to watch TV, navigating complex interfaces to find what they want to watch or be confused on how everything works.
OTT competes with traditional pay TV providers by offering on-line delivery of video and audio without an ISP.

Integrated and scalable multi-vendor solutions to meet your specific operational and business challenges.

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